Specialized maps and graphics

Regional Geology Maps

BC regional geology data underlying a region of interest or claim boundaries

Assessment Report Figures

Sample site locations and associated data values in organized, easy to read figures

Location Maps

Small-scale regional site locator maps to help orient viewers

Spatial Data Analytics

Problem solving and calculations based on spatial datasets and associated metadata

Custom Maps and Graphics

Customizable maps and graphics on a region or topic of your choice

The right skills for the job

Based out of Squamish BC, TopoGraphix creates custom maps and graphics for your business needs. Specialized in mineral exploration and environmental data mapping and have the tools and the skills to create the figures you need in a timely and budget-friendly manner. TopoGraphix has a competitive edge in combining technical skills with an eye for design to create maps and graphics that are aesthetically pleasing and convey concise messages to viewers. Over 4 years of experience working in the field of Geographic Information Science (GIS) means that the design process is comprehensive and efficient.


► Highly responsive

► Attentive to minute details

► Driven by professsional and aesthetic design

Do you have high quality spatial data, yet lack the graphics to tell its story in a meaningful way? Contact TopoGraphix today to get help with your mapping and graphics needs!


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Squamish, BC